February 11, 2019


Français: Automotrice à grande vitesse. English: Automotrice à grande vitesse. Italiano: Automotrice à grande vitesse. Deutsch: Alstom AGV. The TGV is getting a faster and bigger successor. French train-maker Alstom has unveiled its new AGV high-speed train, which is. Very High Speed Train (TGV/AGV) – Alstom Project description: A very high speed train with commercial operation speed to km/h.

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The TGV is still driven by locomotives at the front and rear of the train. The company planned to launch a variety of services on the Turin – Milan – BolognaRome – Veniceand Bologna – Florence – Agvv – Naples high-speed lines, with some trains from Naples running to Bari.

Pour nous, le successeur, c’est l’AGV Duplex. Alstom submitted its bid to supply NTV with high-speed trains in March Initial specifications were for a train with distributed traction total power 7. They were smaller and had a higher efficiency than asynchronous motors and a higher power-to-weight ratio, as well as having the potential for lower noise levels. Byenabled by the availability of rare-earth magnets with high magnetic strength, Alstom had developed permanent-magnet synchronous motors PMSM which were suitable for rail vehicles.

The new design was the alwtom high-speed train design in modern times that had inter-vehicle articulation and qlstom traction. By May prototype vehicles av being constructed for testing in The TGV is getting a faster and bigger successor.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. List of high-speed railway lines.

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Power-packed train proves AGV technology in record sprint”www. Testing times ahead”www.

Alstom claimed operating and capital costs per seat were the same as a TGV Duplex. The floor level is kept practically constant throughout the train, including at inter-coach connections. Italian transport company NTV ordered 25 trains in with service that began in Part of rail transport. The traction electronics used two taps per transformer per module, each powering two parallel connected inverters, with a separate inverter for each motor.


Braking is by rheostatic braking and regenerative brakingin addition to zgv disc brakes on trailer bogies for low speed braking. Alstom offers the AGV in configurations from seven to fourteen carriages, seating to persons. An eddy current brake was not fitted.

TGV, Meet the AGV: France Unveils New High-Speed Train – SPIEGEL ONLINE

The bogies are related to the type used on the TGV trains; in addition to the changes to traction motor type and installation, the bogies are constructed of a high tensile steel, for lighter weight, the bogie wheelbase is 3m as with the TGV.

In the spring ofa test train employing AGV technology set a speed record for rail vehicles of The carriages were constructed from aluminium alloy as used on the TGV Duplex. Like the ICE3, built by Germany’s Siemens conglomerate, the AGV is not driven by end cars, but has engines uniformly distributed under the individual coaches.

Retrieved 31 December Design of the train took place through the early s, with a prototype, “Pegase”produced in The AGV acronym for French: The trainsets were to be made up of modules of 3-car sets with two powered bogies per module.

Experimental and prototype high-speed trains category. Dynamic tests were completed by March President Sarkozy on Tuesday also defended the government bailout of Alstom he spearheaded induring his tenure as the country’s economics minister. Bypermanent-magnet synchronous motor technology had become mature enough to use in a commercial product, and was incorporated into the design allowing a bogie-mounted instead of frame-mounted traction motor, with higher efficiency and lower overall weight.

The AGV is the new “miracle weapon” from a company that has built more than 70 percent of all the trains worldwide capable of traveling faster than kilometers per hour mph. Views Read Edit View history. The transformerswhich weigh 6. Additional trailer vehicles referred to as ‘key’ cars were to extend the train size beyond multiples of three. The HVAC equipment is mounted on the roof.


The design would retain the articulated Jacobs bogie of the TGV. The transformers were mounted in the driving cars, with the other two cars of the three car modules each carrying a traction converter ONIX water cooledwhich also integrate auxiliary converters, the middle ‘key’ car carried auxiliary equipment under the carriage.

This creates more space for passengers and enhances the train’s performance. Where sources conflict more recent value is taken. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat There were two carriage designs: According to Alstom, the Alztom is more energy-efficient, more robust and requires less maintenance than its predecessor generation.

The initial AGV design incorporated a number of new features: With French President Nicolas Sarkozy in attendance, Alstom unveiled its new, fourth-generation high-speed train at its headquarters in La Rochelle. This would have led to serious tensions between Paris and Berlin.

Il y aura un AGV Duplex. In addition to the growing interest in fast rail connections in Europe, Alstom is betting on rising demand in countries like China, India, Brazil, the United States and Vietnam.

AGV (train)

According to Alstom, the advantages of the AGV are: Category High-speed rail List of high-speed trains. From Altom, the free encyclopedia. Experimental and prototype high-speed trains.

The new high-speed train will connect Milan and Naples beginning in