November 25, 2018


Obsolete item. AT45DBD-CU Adesto Technologies | ND DigiKey Electronics PCN Obsolescence/ EOL, AT45DBD Devices 24/Oct/ FLASH Memory IC 64Mb (1K Bytes x pages) SPI 66MHz 8-CASON (6×8). This user guide serves as a reference manual for the Atmel AVR ICE10 in-circuit emula- tor. The AVR ICE10 User Guide is an easy introduction on how to use.

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Flip Electronics has the expertise, staff, and systems in place to assist you with both routine components and finding a specific component. The program security register command uses SRAM buffer for processing. We also take the testing of our products rather seriously by incorporating several evaluation and inspection tools. This register contains communication mode selection bits, data order bit, clock phase bit.

The -8 0b setting is reserved. At45db642dd Electronics is committed to quality assurance through maintaining compliance with a number of voluntary quality management and protection standards. There are three continuous array read modes.

Atmel – AT45DBD-CNU – Flip Electronics

We guarantee the quality of our products, and we have the network to find the most hard-to-find components. Similarly this flag can be cleared by writing 1 to this bit. The device contains specialized security register which can be used for purposes like unique device serialization or locked key storage. In all the three modes, the contents of data buffers remain unchanged. All the three modes have different opcodes and number of dummy bytes that are need to be sent to read data differ for all the three modes.


This flag is unused in master SPI mode.

In order to lockdown particular sector of the device the Sector At45vb642d Register must be written with proper value. We know that you expect perfection and we will provide you nothing but the best.

Atmel AT45DB642D-CNU, Parallel, Serial-SPI 64Mbit Flash Memory, 6ns; 3V, 8-Pin CASON

The remaining 64 bytes 64 to bytes are factory programmed by Atmel and will contain unique value for each device. In case if any program or erase operation command is issued while WP pin is asserted, the corresponding command will be ignored by the device and it will return to IDLE state once the At45db642 pin is deasserted.

The formulae for baud rate calculation as per datasheet are below.

The default mode of dataflash is Mode 3, hence clock phase bit will be one. This flag is one when transmit buffer is empty and zero when transmit buffer contains data to be transmitted and that has not yet been moved into shift register.

We will keep data order bit as zero as we want MSB of data word to be transmitted first. Those flags are as below:.

LUFA Library: Atmel AT45DBD Dataflash Commands – LUFA/Drivers/Misc/AT45DBD.h

This site uses cookies. First two modes are for high frequencies i. Continuous Array Read Mode: Like other operations if device is powered down up during program cycle security register, then contents of user programmable 64 bytes of Security Register cannot be guaranteed.


The register comprised of total bytes. This flag is cleared when corresponding interrupt vector is executed or it can be cleared by writing 1 to this bit. We have a dedicated training program in place for our staff to ensure that the components we receive from our suppliers pass specific quality controls in-house.

The devices are initially shipped with page size set to bytes The user also has option of ordering device with bytes page size from factory. In the current state of the market, quality concerns have become increasingly important. The expertise we have in the electronic component industry allows us to work closely with the military and aerospace industry, printing and manufacturing, computers and electronics, the medical field, etc.

The rest of bits of this at45db642x are unused in master SPI mode. Sector Protection Register is used in order to specify the sectors, which is to be protected or unprotected.

Specialists in Our Trade We have a dedicated training program in place for our staff to ensure that the components we receive from our suppliers pass specific quality controls in-house. This register is used to configure interrupt levels of receive complete interrupt, transmit complete interrupt and data register empty interrupt.