January 11, 2019


18 Jul Childhood is all about fun and excitement and it is important that kids’ rooms reflect that. Use bright, bold colors to create a lively atmosphere. Choose the best colour for your home from Berger Paint Colour Catalogue. Explore our range of colour cards & catalogues for beautiful wall paints & textures . BERGER. Inspirations. Interior Colour Collection. Njed,. Nature. ColoULUS For critical matches, a sample of paint should be applied, allowed to dry, and.

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Berger Autocare is a specially formulated Alkyd Enamel for refinishing automobiles, industrial machinery and heavy equipments. Whether man-made or natural, our lives are full of patterns. How can you use a strong colour like red inside? These colours are available across a range of Singapore Standards certified products such as WeathercoatWeatherflexBerger Gloss 7, Emulsion and Berger Wallcare. Explore its different colours and the techniques needed to bring these designs to life.

Enjoy this showcase of stunning interiors finished with these special effects, and learn exactly how you can create each look. Thank you for subscribing! Choose from over original hues. cafd

Choose from over original hues. All these colours are now also available nerger Matt finish. What colour goes best with pink? Here’s a look at how this finish appears on different textured surfaces. Select Exterior Textures is bfrger range of exterior finishes that combines refined aesthetics with exceptional toughness.

Here are multiple ways in which you can turn your child’s space into a magic world, with a range of fluorescent stencils. Thank you for subscribing! With superior washability and stain resistance, Berger Select will give that ‘just painted’ look for years to come.

Let us design a project plan to suit your needs. This handy guide will give you an overview of popular design concepts such as Classic, Rustic, Grand, and Fusion, accompanied by colour paunts, helpful suggestions, and product tips to achieve each look.

Refer this guide to look at the metallics shade range we offer. The Royale Play Glaze range showcases beautiful geometric shapes and ehade designs in a stunning array of hues. Bring these exotic terrains home with these finishes, colours, and application procedures. Get a glimpse of the entire range right here. Take an in-depth look at its finishes and features right away.


Interior Wall Paints

Learn about our range of products, their painting processes, and colour combinations, pains in one stroke. Royale Glitter is a range of luminous colours in stunning hues that add sheen and sophistication to any space. Learn more about its features and colours, along with the popular Select Eggshell finish that can work great for your interiors.

Berger Super Gloss is a revolutionary enamel paint known for its excellent gloss, unmatched versatility, and fast drying time. Explore this showcase of its unique finishes, range of shades, special features, and application procedures. Refer the guide to know the available shades.

Wall Paint, Interior Home Wall Painting Colours – Berger Paints

It’s versatility makes it suitable for many substrates such as concrete, timber and metal. Translate a variety of exciting looks into reality for your interiors, using the premium Royale range of interior finishes. Weathercoat Stoneshield is an exterior coating that recreates the beauty of stone, but is far more durable. Weathercoat Shadde is a range of five exterior finishes that carr inspired by traditional Middle Eastern architecture. Here is a bergsr at the Vinyl Silk Colour Card showcasing the product features and colour range.

Find the range of shades and textures offered in Berger Duracast in this guide. Wallfashion offers you a range of stencils that enhance your walls through beautiful motifs. Luxacryl is a specialised exterior finish that combines durability with designer good looks. Silky Smooth perfection now comes in 50 exclusive shades. RAL is one of the most popular Color Standard in use today in architecture, construction, industry and road safety.

Let us explain all that you need to know about its application procedures, shade range and special bergfr. This handy guide answers all these questions and shows you up to 70 gorgeous colour combinations you can use in your home.


Colour Guides

This high-fashion range is inspired by fabrics and finishes like silk, denim, and leather. Berger Paints offers more than just a range of paints, each product of Berger Paints has specific shade card which displays available colour palette and themes available for that product.

These beautiful abstract designs come with a subtle metallic sheen to draw attention and admiration. Syade Pathmasta is a high quality abrasion resistant paving cwrd for interior floors. Tuff Exterior Emulsion is a highly popular exterior finish powered by nanotechnology. Childhood is when the imagination is most fertile – when a shadow could be an alien, a chair could look like a dinosaur and a rug could take the form of a sea monster.

Select All In One is a revolutionary enamel paint known for its excellent gloss, unmatched versatility, and fast drying time. Take a look at its effects and swatches, special features, and application methods. Learn more about its features and palnts in this guide. A range of shiny highlights, Tuff Metallics is perfect for those who want to add an extra something to their homes.

Berger Colour Chart

Weathercoat is a range of premium exterior coatings in a choice of smooth, textured or elastomeric finishes. Sahara is inspired by the majestic Sahara desert, while Safari pays homage to the grandeur of Africa. Royale is our range of premium interior finishes that include emulsions, glitter paints, special effects finishes, and wall stencils. Berger Paints Colour Cards Berger Paints offers more than just a range of paints, each product of Berger Paints has specific shade card which displays available colour palette and themes available for that product.

Showcase of trending colours of Asia, curated to reflect the pulse of today. Take a look at the 20 pastel shades offered in Royal Emulsion – the high performance economical interior wall finish preferred by paint professionals.