March 3, 2019


L’andamento dell’economia reale e dei mercati finanziari nel p. 3. I riflessi sugli Confcommercio – Pistoia inquadrato con riferimento ad alcuni istituti del CCNL “Commercio e terziario”. Nel corso del. it/vivi-la-villa-terziario-donna-confcommercio-il-rilancio-del-luogo-caro-ai- foggiani/ .. monthly arrivano-gli-aumenti-la-retribuzione-marzo/ T+ monthly il diritto sindacale carinci capitolo due:l’evoluzione storica. 1.l’età liberale: dalla repressione penale alla tolleranza. fronte della prima embrionale.

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This is even more important in a professional field like that of graphic design, which is characterized by high competition and individualism. Fourth, as revealed in the first paragraph, these sectors are characterized by a high incidence of atypical and freelance work.

These two cases are examples of different strategies to represent the interests of those workers who are out of the range of the unions: Among them, OICE is the association with the highest number of members, as it represents large and smaller companies in the engineer- ing and architecture sectors. This implies that, beside the actors of industrial relations, namely business associations and trade unions, a plethora of associations of both profession- als and freelancers can be identified see: As for other sectors, two industry-wide agreements are worth mentioning.

Industrial relations and creative workers. Country report: Italy | Andrea Bellini –

The variety of occupational figures, relying on dif- ferent work identities, as described above, reflects in the heterogeneity of interest representation. This confcommervio be due to several factors, such as: Besides, they also provide individual assistance via e-mail, when requested, though this is a marginal and sporadic activity. AESVI, an association of video game publishers and developers, which represents about 50 large, medium-sized and small companies, is probably the best example.

These experiences are, nevertheless, too young and their range of action still limited.

ADI, particularly, is already entitled to release the certification of quality of services, whereas AIAP, at the time of writing, is still under evaluation.

The draft proposal for the renewal of the industry-wide agreement for graphics and publishing, for instance, includes a further agreement through which the social part- ners commit themselves to introducing minimum fees for freelance workers and to extending the coverage of the sectoral supplementary health fund to all workers at the expense of employers.


All this to reach its overriding target: Lists of names, abbreviations and acronyms These organisations mostly exercise a function of cultural promotion. That of Byblos is indeed a pioneering experience, since it is the first joint fund to give the possibility to discontinuous workers to join a supplementary plan.

Partnerships, instead, have declined both in number and in terms of persons employed. As GD02 testified, her business is based on big confcmomercio and her main interlocutors are mostly specialists who work in internal departments of large corporations.

English | Confcommercio

This is truer for those who work at home and, thus, find it difficult to distinguish between work and life time. Similarly, insurance mechanisms for ensuring old-age protection are different for these workers, and are particularly problematic for self-employed belonging to Ges- tione Separata, which until recently foresaw low contribution rates.

As in the case of new initiatives by traditional trade unions, these organisations are usually not concerned with creative workers, even if some of them specifically organ- ise creative professions like editors, translators and journalistsbut they raise issues and develop activities which can be relevant also to creative workers.

Some specificities of the confcommwrcio can, then, be identified. Online work platforms, as Farrell and Greig ACTA, then, offers services targeted on freelancers. These latter differ from the former in the legal status, functions, logics and forms of action. This is, in fact, character- ized by cccnl high number of actors and a variety of types of organisations.

Who we are

The agreement for RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana Spa cpnfcommercio actually a company agreement, but with a national coverage, since it involves a total of 8, workers in the whole country.

Confindustria has a branched structure, relying on a complex as- sociative network whose primary nodes are constituted by sectoral federations em- bracing a broad spectre of sub-sectors, each of them covered by a specific association.

Just like AESVI, these organisations exercise func- tions of cultural promotion and terzisrio influence, and offer business services in a very specific market segment. After several internships and an experience abroad, she then started working as an associate freelancer, with a registered VAT number, in a large design firm in Milan.


In detail, Part I offers a cross-sectoral overview, mainly aimed at: The remaining are mostly in performing and visual arts 4. They are, indeed, rel- evant in emerging sectors, such as video games, and in sectors characterized by indi- vidualized employment relationships, such as communication and branding see: Given the diversity of their size, partners and fields of operation, Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia has the growth opportunities facing its members at the heart.

This was reached in and expired in Ocnfcommercio people working in design firms as employees. In general, the average size of enterprises in the sector is extremely small, that is 1. Generally, these sectors are characterized by a high-skilled workforce, a segment of the labour market where, as already highlighted, Italian trade unions have a low representation capacity.

This latter mode of organisation is a response to the growing complexity of graphic design, which nowadays involves a variety of professional figures, both creative and technical, that are interdependent. CNEL and, on the other hand, the difficulty to give adequate and specific representation to these companies and workers. Among them, cultural industries produce A third agreement for the cinema and audiovisual industry, applying to all workers on an open-ended work contract involved in production, distribution, importation and exportation of cinema and television products, was renewed in and expired in Federculture, instead, gathers together organisations of various kinds, mostly public administrations, but also private companies, associations and foundations.

The rhetoric about culture as a driver of growth, and the role of public policy Great emphasis was put, in the last decade, on the role played by the cultural and creative industries in the Italian economy.

Italy The major limits of this kind of association derive from the lack of financial and hu- man resources: Hence, young designers are generally more quali- fied.