October 5, 2019


Aereo Acrobatico Extra in Depron Nuovo Kit di Montaggio Aeromodello Nuovo AEROMODELLO AVIA FL3 – SCALA DISEGNI COSTRUTTIVI E. 3view acrobatico aerei aeromodelli aeromodellismo ali aliante ali in polistirolo cnc combat decorazioni depron disegni Eachine eachine racer elettrico fiesta. mixed with microballons, since it’s lightweight, cures quickly, and perhaps best of all, is pure white to match the color of the Depron perfectly.

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Thank you very much jetset, I will start buliding as soon as possible!!! Plus the small 6″ diameter prop minimizes torque effects and allows for a low thrust line to minimize thrust-induced pitch changes.

Like most seaplanes disgni model has a high thrust line, however, there is very little pitch trim change with throttle.

Benvenuti sul sito di Albyone!

E-flite Power 46 on a big 4S. Its the same day.

An illustrated construction guide has been added to the attachments below. How much kV does your motor have? Tape is used to hold the curved piece in place. This model features all internal servos and linkages to make it as watertight as possible. The most obvious changes are larger empennage, larger control surfaces, and a slightly deeper hull see the comparison pic belowall of which improve low speed handling for better parkflyerability.


Link e Informazioni utili: Other motors that could work well on this model are the Littlescreamers Park Jet with 6×4 prop or Super Park Jet with 7×5 prop. A scaled up Polaris 2X. Plus the packing tape is strategically placed in areas that need to be strengthened anyway for a seaplane—the bottom of the fuselage and the leading edges of the wings and tail. The finish on my model is just bare foam with some colored packing tape for trim.

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That arei with a smaller span and larger prop. Last edited by jetset44; Jun 07, at For details search for my screen name on wattflyer or rcgroups or send me a message. The elevator servo is mounted inside the nacelle, and a channel inside the vertical tail allows the motor power wires and elevator servo wires to be run internally. You can also see the aileron and rudder servos sticking out slightly, aersi the battery extension wires.

Model Aero Registered User.

I awrei others enjoy this model as much as I have. I’d aereo taking the untiled plans to Kinkos, who will print them for only a few dollars. Thunder Power mAh Well, I’ll have aereo wait til next year to try one, we’re getting cold now. The only places for water to enter the hull are the 4 pushrod exits, which can all be sealed with grease or Vaseline.

Very fun but not a handy foamie. It’s well-mannered, smooth and stable at all speeds and aerobatics are a breeze, but to me one of the best things about this model is the amazing speed range—top speed is in excess of 70 mph, yet the model slows down well and can plop down into the water at high alpha under full control at less than 10 mph.


Avete mai comprato un elicottero o quadricottero e scoperto che vola storto??? Hence this paint scheme!

The 1 glue I recommend for building this bird is epoxy mixed with microballons, since it’s lightweight, cures quickly, and perhaps best of all, is pure white to match the color of the Depron perfectly. Attrezzatura che utilizzo per la realizzazione dei video: That not only gives this model great slow speed control, but also gives it a degree of control dwpron to my thrust vectoring park jets.

Plans for this model are posted below in the usual tiled and untiled formats.

I lived on a lake in Michigan at the time. Quale misteriosa forza sostiene in volo un aereo? Alla fine del video vediamo qualche radio interessante sia a basso costo deepron a un costo che vale la pena pagare.

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