March 3, 2019


Here, without comment is Hugh Hendry’s Letter to Investors for Q1 The Eclectica Fund – Q1 Review The Fund returned % (net). Hugh Hendry, founder and CIO of Eclectica Asset Management, have made the difficult decision to close the Fund,” Hendry said in the letter. Hugh Hendry (born March ) is the founding partner and, at various times, the chief investment officer, chief executive officer and chief portfolio manager of.

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We are time investors,” Hendry said. Get the latest career advice and insight from eFinancialCareers straight to your inbox.

10 things you didn’t know about Hugh Hendry, whose Eclectica hedge fund just closed

However, in the fourth year of his four year course he realised that he had absolutely no desire to become an accountant letterr returned the sponsorship money he’d received from the accounting firm. Hendry received his own schooling in maverick trading during his time with hedge fund icon Crispin Odey.

Despite his reputation as a contrarianHendry explained to the Financial Times in July that his eclecticx continued to be based in taking advantage of market momentum. It’s war, real-life drama, and you mistakenly think you’re going to die because you’re wrapped up in it, which is so preposterous.

In NovemberHendry surprised many by repudiating his bearishness. He didn’t like it there, and again according to the Independent’spoke up’ and was fired within a month. He began to attract attention when his fund achieved a Hugh Hendry might be enjoying getting letted life back but something tells me this pirate cund not be on shore leave for much longer. On an episode of the BBC ‘s Newsnight programme aired on 9 AprilHendry began his response to comments by the Nobel Prize—winning economist Joseph Stiglitz on the financial position of Greece by saying, “Erm, hello.


You will never see us pursue a homegrown idea when it is to the detriment of the prevailing trend,” he said. Hugh Hendry’s Eclectica hedge fund is no more. Even if he wanted to return to hedge funds, he adds, the bridges have been burned: Retrieved from ” https: Here’s what you didn’t know about the UK’s most colourful ex-hedge fund manager. He was really not a nice guy and he definitely had an agenda off-camera”.

He has since decided to move to Paris, and says his challenge is to find out what makes him happy. Misbehaviour is all about curiosity, how you invoke and think about change, which is very necessary in the management of money.

Hugh Hendry

He became a regular media figure during the crisis, even as his own business was buffeted by waves of volatility. Popular job sectors Popular job sectors Loading According to this article in the Independent, Hendry was the first in his family and one of the only people at his school to go to university.

The outspoken Glaswegian has shuttered the 15 year-old fund after it slumped 9.

Home” [ permanent dead link ]Eclectica Asset Management website. God is dead, life is absurd and there are no rules. It’s and Deutsche Bank would like everyone to calm down.

In Hendry joined the prestigious Edinburgh investment management firm, Baillie Gifford. The theory that will take artificial intelligence to the trading floor Morning Coffee: Scroll for more of this story.

He stayed there for eight years and managed funds in the US and British teams. All will now be out of jobs, along with Hendry himself.

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Hendry has been referred to as “the fumd high-profile Scot” in the hedge fund sector. Luckily, however, he met hedge fund manage r Crispen Odey.


People did not believe he had truly changed tack. Hugh Hendry born Petter is the founding partner and, at various times, the chief investment officer, chief executive officer and chief portfolio manager of Eclectica Asset Management.

He adds, however, that in a post-crisis world where stability was seen as an overwhelming virtue, his skill set was less viable. Hendry has become known in the United Kingdom for his outspoken commentary on the financial crisis. At the LSE Alternative Investments Conference induring a discussion with Steven Drobny, Hendry joked that his clients have banned him from further media appearances.

Click here to manage your subscriptions. Retrieved 8 June Asked what he learned from hedge fund life, he says: Associate director of international equities, Credit Suisse Asset Management In an interview five years agoHendry says he was pretty unemployable in London after leaving Credit Suisse: To contact the author of this story with feedback or news, email Tom Teodorczuk. He also thinks they are the political opposition.

Hendry studied Accounting and Economics at Strathclyde. Fund manager, Odey Asset Management Tech will be heart of next financial crisis. Morgan by Paul Clarke 14 September Not 17th century sailors, but the s hedge fund pioneers. Eclectica had some elcectica performance years and Hendry’s bearish positions on the crises in Greece and Iceland reaped dividends.

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