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18 17 16 15 14 13 12 Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Feser, Edward. The last superstition: a refutation of the new atheism / Edward. Well the book, called The Last Superstition: A Refutation Of The New Atheism, written by a philosopher named Edward Feser, arrived a few. Last Superstition, The. A Refutation of the New Atheism. Feser, Edward. The central contention of the “New Atheism” of Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam.

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Geometrical reasoning, and mathematical reasoning in general, is all-or-nothing. Dawkins and Hitchens, he tells us, are ignorant, while Harris and Dennett are “disgraceful”.

Pointing forward in time, we see in Plato ffser first detailed formulation in Western thought of themes that would persist and be developed further in the classical philosophical tradition, from Aristotle to Augustine to the Scholastics: Getting Medieval In their book Three Philosophers: What Aquinas is doing can be understood by comparison with the sort of reasoning familiar from geometry and mathematics in general.

A contingent existence is anything that depends for its existence, formation and operation on some preexistence. We will wait, though, to get to Aristotle and Aquinas before saying much about the soul and its nature.

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Information about the book can be found here. His treatment of the problem of evil is absurd. The language of this book is very inelegant, half the jokes included fall flat, and the scorn heaped on modern philosophy and the New Atheists is a definite turn off.

Empiricism Is False William M. Then Feser spent much of his time on Aquinas and attacking the New Atheists from that perspective, using the voice of the New Atheists. So a second potentiality is also a kind of primary actuality; and when you really do go ahead and speak German, exercising your new ability, the act of speaking counts as a secondary actuality relative to this primary actuality.


Feb 03, Benjamin Espen rated it it was amazing. If the ball is melted down, it loses its round shape and bounciness; and for that very reason, it is no longer a ball at all, but just a puddle of goo. Aristotle and his teacher Plato are almost universally regarded as the two greatest philosophers ever to have lived.

See II Timothy 1: This book is angry and funny and smart. Showing of reviews. But I digress; we will get back to all that before long. They will learn a great deal about the history of philosophy. Overall, I highly recommend this book. And this is precisely why causation has become such a problem for modem thinkers.

Edward Feser: The Last Superstition

It would just be because there was a logical fallacy somewhere in the proof. By contrast, and as The Last Superstition demonstrates, the classical teleological picture of nature can be seen to find powerful confirmation in developments from contemporary philosophy, biology, and physics; moreover, morality and reason itself cannot possibly be made sense superstjtion apart from it.

These are not just different things, they are different kinds of things. And what does Aquinas have to say to distinguish between them?

Hence they not only reject edwadr they endorse reason and science. More than any other intellectual factor – there are other, non-intellectual factors too, of course, and some are more important – this abandonment has contributed to the civilizational crisis through which the West has been living for several centuries, and which has accelerated massively in the last century or so.

Lets not conflate the issue, the point of the book is not to prove that angels and demons exist, nor is it to prove the infallibility of Catholic dogma. As you can see, the material and formal causes of a thing are just its matter and form, considered as components of a complete explanation of it.

THAT is where the defence should be focussed. If anything, the limits of our imagination are far, far less relevant to understanding what a First Cause who is Being Itself and the Supreme Intelligence might bring about by way of good for a creature with an immortal soul than they are relevant to understanding the potentials inherent in a finite impersonal process like natural selection operating on finite living things. They are also necessary truths rather than contingent ones. It was only on reading Feser’s Philosophy of MindI realised that was what it was.


The reason for this is because it is fesdr for two complete causes to be immediately the causes of one and the same thing.

The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism

And it was the pulling of that first Aristotelian thread that has led to the unraveling of the once-seamless gannent of Western thought – an unraveling that undoes not only the religious and moral worldview to which secularists would bid good riddance, but also any rational and moral standards by reference to which they could justify their own position.

He freely admits in the edwarrd, “If ecward seems to be an angry book, th Edward Feser’s The Last Superstition is a polemical work. These are taken from a short section at the beginning of the massive Summa Theologiae – a passage no longer than a couple of pages in a modem book – and Dawkins, like many other commentators, treats them as if they were intended to form all by themselves a complete case for the existence of God.

Because atheists, like supegstition, ought to read books that challenge their beliefs.

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