November 18, 2018


This guide will show you how to correctly export a document from Adobe InDesign to be printed, and also how to flatten the layers within Adobe InDesign before. You can create InDesign documents that have multiple layers, which is useful when you have many elements to work with. For example, an image of your. Export as PDF/X-1a.. done. You shouldn’t need to do anything special as long as the InDesign document is set up with correct bleeds and page.

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Elle Smith has been an advertising professional for more than 25 years. You can set Transparency Flattener options when creating, editing, or previewing flattener presets in Illustrator, InDesign, or Acrobat.

Before we begin to flatten images, you can preview the areas affected by transparency in both programs by doing the following. The main advantages in creating a preset are its reusability and the option to export and share your settings with colleagues. Yes, this is true.

How to Flatten an InDesign Document

So supposedly I have been exporting without layers because I have been using Acrobat 5 compatibility; however my printer is saying there are layers? Lfattened in placed graphics that interact with transparency are also converted to the blend space.

To do this, go to the ‘File’ tab in your menu bar, select ‘Print’ and in the dialogue box, select foattened. As artwork becomes more complex mixing images, vectors, type, spot colors, overprinting, and so onso does the flattening and its results.


In Illustrator and Acrobat, to magnify the preview, click in the preview area. Post as a guest Name. In the final output, outlined strokes and text may appear slightly different from native ones, especially very thin strokes and very small text.

About transparency flattener presets. You can use this color-coded information to adjust flattening options. Subscribe to our e-newsletter?

How to Flatten an InDesign Document | It Still Works

They explained to me that I will need to open each page and flatten it in Adobe Inxesign. Expanded Patterns Illustrator and Acrobat. Export and import a custom transparency flattener preset. The PDFX file is going to be large. Kate is especially well known around the New Horizons office for her creative flair and talent in using the Adobe suite.

Highlights all text that will be outlined if involved in transparency or because Convert All Text To Outlines is selected. If you regularly print or export documents that contain transparency, you can automate the flattening process by saving flattening settings in a transparency flattener preset.

You can choose a fattened preset in the Print dialog box, or in the format-specific dialog box that appears after the initial Export dialog flahtened.

Gradient And Mesh Resolution. Outlined Text Illustrator and InDesign. Step 2 Showing layers within InDesign.

Blends the color of transparent artwork with the background color to create an overprint flatened. I have a InDesign document which contains log of graphics imported linked from Illustrator. To edit an existing preset, select the preset and click Edit.

The flattening settings are used only if the artwork contains transparency or if Simulate Overprint is selected in the Output area of the Export Adobe PDF dialog box. I did not complete this guide. Overlapping art is divided when flattened. If the visual effect is not what you want, do any of the following: Click flaattened small drill-down arrow to the left of the page layout thumbnails, then scroll to “Spread Flattening.


About the Author Elle Smith has been an advertising professional for more than 25 years. The printing press needs your layout in opaque values and will not dine well on the overlapping semi-see-through inspired piece you’ve created.

Flattening the file properly removes the flattened of this type of error. Jan 13 at These settings vary with each printer, so see the documentation that came with your printer for details. You can enter the name of an existing preset to edit that preset.

Converting all the colors results in consistency across any two indrsign objects on a spread, and avoids more dramatic color behavior at the edges of transparency. What should I do with the content to send the most appropriate file? You can specify flattening settings and then save and apply them as transparency flattener presets. There are times where a printer may request some unusual file settings. Video of the Day.

To keep as many objects vector as possible, select the [High Resolution] transparency flattener preset in the Flattend area of the Print or Export Adobe PDF dialog box. If different colour modes have been used, unpredictable results can occur.

In PDF output, this simulation converts spot colors to process color equivalents.