March 31, 2019


Also let me know the differences b/w and Your help will be For more information, see the PowerCenter Repository Guide. Informatica-installation-domain-9 – Informatica Click on Action -> New -> PowerCenter Repository Service. View Download, Informatica Power Center Repository Guide, k, v. 2, Dec 5, , PM, kal myweb. Ċ,

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Now Click on Quotas tab to assign tablespace area: Enter the following Repository service details. As in Domain user, provide the Repository user with complete permission for following roles under R oles tab: This value should match the ibformatica you entered in Setting Up the Informatica Server. Select the database platforms for the following: A message box states the repository has been added to the Repository Server’s cache, and asks if you want to create a repository using this connection information.

Informatica metadata table – Primary key column from target table – Stack Overflow

All there is to know. Oracle Thin use instance name.

We will now connect to the Oracle Database. We have to assign the Domain user complete permissions for: Enter inforamtica sqldeveloper — 3. Uncheck Run Informatica under a different user account and Click on Next.


Now extract all the four files one by one. Specify the Database Password. You cannot create or restore the Informatica repository using the DAC. Now this step will take some time to install the software. Teradata use the database name. Once we will click on connect we can see the User is added in the list. Lets begin the installation process now: Click to add domain.

Enter the following Repository service details: Do you want to update it directly? The Informatica Repository tab is active.

Informatica 8.6 Installation Guide from TCS

Enter the following details as below for database properties: To start the database: Name of machine hosting the Informatica Repository Server. You can download the file from the link below: Marek Grzenkowicz 14k 6 67 Sign up using Facebook.

Now we will click on Connection and New Connection to connect to Repository user. Click on Test Connection and Next.

Why do you have tables with no PK? The Default port in which Oracle listens is However, infomatica was created in target table at informatica level. We will now add Repository user in the similar manner.

Sign in to your account, If you do not have Oracle account use New User option to create account. Now my need is, need to identify informatica metadata table where I can find tgt table and corresponding column name marked as key.


By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I recommend you use SQL Developer 3. Once the download is complete, extract the downloaded file. To connect to a remote host, you would have to purchase rfpository Licence from Informatica which costs a few thousand USD per year depending on certain parameter like Number of users, Operating System, Number of processors, etc.

Download Informatica Help Files – Kalycs Informatica Pages

Enter the following information: Not applicable while restoring the repository. Now we are done with the Installation of Oracle and SQL now we have to download the Informatica tool and install them. Enter the domain configuration as below: Guife extracting, you will get four files: Click on roles tab to define the roles of the user. Please mention it in the comments section and we will get back to you.

Now change Operating Mode from Exclusive to Normal. Repostory to SQL Server only.