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Abstract. EHRENBRING, Hinoel Zamis et al. Residual strength evaluation of hollow core slabs of reinforced concrete of an industrial building after fire. Matéria . Many translated example sentences containing “lajes alveolares” – English- Portuguese dictionary and search engine for English translations. 18 abr. Transcript of Lajes Alveolares. Painéis Alveolares • Largura= cm • Alturas= 09,12,20,25cm • Baixa relação a/c • Proteção (fios e.

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Concrete; High temperatures; Residual resistance; X-ray diffraction; Fluorescence x-ray. How to cite this article. Resumo This xlveolares describes the procedures used in the manufacture and assembly of prestressed concrete hollow core slab systems, along with recommendations for presentation and implementation of projects in order to optimize the use of such elements and also its functionality, trying to keep the same quality and durability.

In this paper, it is described the pre-fabricated cellular slab inspection, an industrial building, which has undergone exposure to high temperatures emanating from a fire in the building ground.


However, chemical and physical changes occur in its components.

The stability of the compound relates to its microstructure, so it is possible to verify the material degradation using advanced techniques of microstructural analyses. Concrete, during exposure to elevated temperatures, is characterized by low thermal diffusivity and incombustibility, resulting a satisfactory performance against fire.

Autor Petrucelli, Natalia Savietto.

Residual strength evaluation of hollow core slabs of reinforced concrete of an industrial building after fire. JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

Lajes Alveolares by Brenda Menezes on Prezi

Finally, the conclusions are provided and comments for improvements in the sector of design and production of hollow core slabs, followed by suggestions for future work. Therefore, it creates a scheme to solve two numerical examples which come from a cross-section preestablished on the basis of tables published that are related to overload and long spans which the slab can achieve.

Then compare the results obtained in the examples with the values that the tables showed and then do relevant comments. Some features of this site may not work without it.


So, it is briefly shown that the theory applied to the development of calculations and verifications in the ultimate and service states, considering the bending behavior of the panels, the shear and the excessive deformation, and prestress losses that are of great importance for the final results.

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RIEM – IBRACON Structures and Materials Journal

In this context, the use of materials tests, such as diffraction and fluorescence X-ray, proves attractive. It was evaluated the structural element by chemical characterization tests with different thickness of the concrete slab, estimating the temperature reached in each layer and, consequently, the resistance loss of the alvellares element.

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