January 17, 2019


Optimization Guide: User Logon Understanding and Optimizing the Logon Process for XenApp and XenDesktop. i. WHITE PAPER | Logon Optimization. Table of. WHITE PAPER | Logon Optimization i. Optimization Guide: User Logon. Understanding and Optimizing the Logon Process for XenApp and XenDesktop. Citrix CTX How to hide the domain from Director Logon Page: Citrix XenDesktop and Windows 10 Optimisation Script – “Optimise Windows 10 in.

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Citrix Director Xnapp Service: Enter the name of the first Delivery Controller, and click OK. I do all this accept for the Autologon task. In your view do you think going to a faster storage platform such as SSD based drives would result in any noticeable performance improvement regarding logon times? Step 2 now shows that the Agent was installed successfully. Hello, I also followed this document and found it excellent. A grooming query is also provided to delete data older than a specified date.

If you built multiple Director servers, use NetScaler to load balance them. That means you should plan to perform these upgrades at least twice a year. This fix requires a registry edit to enable. You can run Get-BrokerSite to confirm. Everything is fine for most VMs most of the time.

Optimize Logon Times – Part 2: OS Optimization

The network trace is indicating the VDA are doing a tcp-reset. If you wish to change the timeout, here is how to do it.


Well, after cor VDA installs I set the service to disabled. On the Administrators tab, right-click, and click Create Administrator. This account needs specific permissions in vCenter. The change takes effect at next logon.

In Director, you can create a filter and save it. Hi George and othersand thank your for the helpfull article. I checked the registry settings by disabling the locked down GPOs and found that the Active Setup stubs for things like Windows Mail are still being created.

Reduce Citrix logon times by up to 75% –

Like kiosk print stations. Alex G December 21, Many of the logon friendly optimisations and best practices out there today are straight forward and common sense and help to get you started: The task itself is not configured to run at highest privileges.

If I login to an existing user profile, the total login time is roughly half of a new profile and the duration of the black screen is maybe seconds at most. This can be adjusted up to days by running a PowerShell cmdlet. After the reset, you can try again to set the connection strings. Obviously this is bad. The average logon time is 68 seconds. When publishing the seamless explorer. Your mileage will vary as to performance gains you get by the autologon process within VDI.

Markus April 14, By default the idle time session limit of the Director is min.

My thinking is that we want to get autologon to optimizatioj its piece before the VDA registers with a Delivery Controller. So ideally we want the UPMEvent. I now have a working setup for our persistent W Xenapp 7. Subscribe Yes, I’d like to hear about offers and services from Citrix by email. If only Anonymous logon was supported with windows 10 … I tried but it seems difficult to publish a custom authentication as anonymous app on a Adn and from there get a desktop.


Your process would work but I still found that when the image was published out, the first logon always took longest, so I used autologon to get around that. On the top right is a gear icon where you can set the historical retention period. Okay, maybe the last one is about…. I know the first time a user profile is created it takes longer than subsequent logons. This service helps you avoid prohibited practices: But you can use ControlUp for this.

If the person installing Remote Desktop Licensing does not have permissions to add the server to the Terminal Server License Servers group in Active Directory, ask a domain admin to do it manually. Start menu works but is mostly blank.

In a large Active Directory environment, this query can take some time or even time out. You can configure the Controllers to make it a hard limit by setting the following registry value: