December 20, 2018


16 Oct The 16 minutes of video is an attempt to explain the Lifevantage Compensation Plan. We decided that we’d do our part and read through.

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If you enroll someone and have not determined the placement during signup, your enrollee will be placed on your front line. We dare to imagine an abundant world where both physical and financial health is optimized. The information on this site is of a general nature only. The system is designed so that people all the way up to the top of the pyramid will earn more money if you spend more.

There’s a weight loss range, a cleanser, something for energy, and some cosmetics for those that want to be as beautiful as possible. This amount is calculated based on the royalty commissions earned in your downline. What did make Lifevantage stand out is they make a product for dogs.

Can You Make Money With Lifevantage — The Finance Guy

This means that opportunities such as Lifevantage are legal, but this does not mean that they are ethical. This would be the amount traditional companies earned from producing products and selling them to the wholesale market. By the time you achieve a rank of Pro 10, you will have been eligible for a total of 4 new business centers. As a publicly traded company NASD: Compensatiom does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. Not all products are available in every market.

The monthly subscription price of Protandim is….

We then see a table showing what was earned by those who did earn any commission in the 12 months to June It is quite common for more than protandimm the active distributors to quit in any given year. As we saw in the Lifevantage financial resultsthey had 64, active distributors at the end of June There are three ways orders will count toward your PV: Their flagship product appears to be Protandim protandum, which they say can reduce the effects of aging.


Secondary Bonuses are weekly bonuses. These are designed to get new members to spend as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Compensation Plan | LifeVantage US

In other over the 12 months to JuneLifevantage had a decline of 5, active distributors. We believe that the problem is not unique to Lifevantage. Should You Join Lifeventure If you are looking for an opportunity to supplement or replace your current income, then we suggest you carefully examine all your options before deciding comensation is best for you.

You should look at your own personal situation and requirements before making any financial decisions. There is no doubt that they are turning a profit, but we want to know if Lifevantage distributors are turning a profit from the MLM opportunity.

The monthly subscription price of Protandim is… What are the monthly PV qualifications? Primary bonuses are by month and will be periods In order to qualify for more royalties, you need to obtain a higher rank in Lifevantage.

If you are looking for an prtandim to supplement or replace your current income, then we suggest you carefully examine protqndim your options before deciding which is best for you. You can make changes to your existing subscription from there or set…. Then all the people in their upline who are also encouraging you to buy a large package might be influenced by their potential fast launch bonuses.

They are not buying products which they otherwise would have spent money on. In other words people who put in the time and effort required to reach Premier Pro 5 might have qualified for a new business center, but on average they could make more money if they worked a regular job. We found that it raised all 5 red flags. Customers place one-time orders at the Retail Price Example: If you’re not selling product, then you’re not making money.


Rank is achieved by recruiting a downline and generating enough product sales to meet the PV and organizational volume OV requirements. Please Contact Them to Keep Shopping.

You can only see your personal customers in your downline. If you strategically place all four new business centers, you could earn on up to 5 different levels from the sales generated by the lowest business center. The problem with network marketing is that it’s designed to promote and compensatioj products.

There are 6 levels of launch bonus that are paid to the next eligible Lifevantage rank in the upline. The platinum pack will be protaneim as the ‘best way to start your business’. To become a Preferred Customer you need to submit your application online and sign up for a monthly subscription order. Along with fighting back the hands of time, healthy cells will also improve your energy levels in the day and your quality of sleep at night.

While the top 1.

If the boxes are checked and you are still not… 1 2. The video we watched explained that this bonus kept people at the higher levels in Lifevantage motivated to help everyone in their downlines.

Theoretically your organization will soon be growing on it’s own with you collecting residuals. Sorry, we couldn’t find distributor information for: In reality building a MLM team is very difficult.

After their first days, you may submit a Placement Sponsorship Change Request form which requires 9 upline signatures. While it’s not the full How do I modify or change information on an existing subscription from my Virtual Office? It is common to any opportunity which uses the MLM business prktandim.

Please Contact Your Distributor.