November 29, 2018


, \li setOrientation() tells QPrinter which page orientation to use. , \li setPaperSize() tells QPrinter what paper size to expect from the. , printer. On Windows or Mac OS X, QPrinter uses the built-in printer drivers. On X11, QPrinter generates postscript and sends that to lpr, lp, or another printProgram(). 30 Apr In the docs you’ll find QPrinter::printerState. So you can definitely do: if (printer. printerState() == QPrinter::Error) // do some error handling. I admit that’s not a lot.

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The default value is 1. It is not always possible to abort a print job.

Qt Documentation

The default is to return an empty string; meaning that QPrinter will try to be smart in a system-dependent way. The default paper size is driver-dependent. See also setFromTo and toPage. With collating turned on all pages are printed before the next copy of those pages is started.

The default value an empty string implies that the printer should be selected in a system-dependent qprinted. If fp is true, the device metrics will report the exact same size as indicated by PageSize. If no creator name is specified, the creator will be set to “Qt” followed by some version number.

DuplexShortSide 3 Both sides of each sheet of paper are used for printing.


QPrinter Class | Qt

Sets the default qprintfr for collation checkbox when the print dialog appears. Returns true if collation is turned on when multiple copies is selected. If fromPage and toPage both return 0, this indicates that the whole document will be printed.

On the other platforms, this returns an empty string. If the pageSize is not valid for the current printer then the page size will not be changed. There are also some settings that the user sets through the printer dialog and that applications are expected to obey.

The default value is false. Returns the paper’s rectangle in unit ; this qprijter usually larger than the pageRect.

QPrinter Class Reference

Custom 30 Unknown size With setFullPage false the defaultthe metrics will be a bit smaller; how much depends on the printer in use. By default, this function returns a special value of 0, meaning that the “to page” setting is unset. This may not always be accurate for example if the printer doesn’t have the capability of sprinter its state to the operating system.

The printer qorinter reads this setting and prints the specified number of copies.

QPageLayout pageLayout const override. QPrinter does not check that the paper source is available; it just uses this qprintsr to try and set the paper source.

On other platforms, it has no effect. See also copyCount and supportsMultipleCopies. Member Type Documentation enum QPrinter:: QPrinter will generate its output as in the PostScript format.


AllPages 0 All pages should be printed. The default is false, so that by default you should be able to paint on 0,0. This function must be qpginter before QPainter:: The paper is turned over its shortest edge before the second.

See setFullPage for details and caveats. C5E 24 x mm QPrinter:: If true the origin of qprintdr coordinate system will be in the top left corner of the paper and most probably the printer will not be able to paint something there due to its physical margins. See also printEnginepaintEngineand setOutputFormat. Since QPrinter can print to any QPrintEngine subclass, it is possible to extend printing support to cover new types of printing subsystem by subclassing QPrintEngine and reimplementing its interface.

The most important parameters are: AllPages 0 All pages should be printed. Qpinter 0 Sets the resolution of the print device to the screen resolution. This enum type specifies what paper source QPrinter is qprinetr use. Similarly, calling newPage after the last page in a document is painted will result in a trailing blank page appended to the end of the printed document.