November 29, 2018


Ramayan Prashnavali answers questions or predicts outcome of endeavors you want to take. The answers / predictions are based on Chopais (couplets) from. 16 Aug Ramcharitamanas Chaupai Prashnavali – The Ramcharitamanas Prashnavali or Shri Ram How to use Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali? 1/ 1. 7 Dec Saint Tulasidas created a Prashnavali, which actually is an answer grid. . Somebody should construct one based on Kamba Ramayana! 0 x.

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Its background is quite unique and each has a history attached to it.

Do you believe in Ramayana Shalaka? The beauty of Ramcharitamanas Prashnavali is that it can be used by anyone, regardless of their caste, creed or gender. This app can be used to get answer to all your questions which you are not able to solve.

Do not try to find the answers you desire but have faith in God and try all or any of the below. Note the letter selected, and start counting from the letter from left to right first and then from top to bottom 4. Make your birth certificate Online at home. Somebody should prashnavwli one based on Kamba Ramayana!

Sri Ramashalaka Prashnavali

Keep it in puja room. Each chaupai comes from Ramayan. Interesting facts about July. If these are to be allotted to 9 verses, each one will get 25 squares. In fact, this is a matter of belief in Shri Ram and Hanuman ji. If you are using this from office, try praashnavali use the Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali as one of the first things in the morning as a kind of guidance tool- something that will tell you how to proceed with your day or lead you towards something you should focus on that day.

Prashnavali – Get An Instant Answer

The Ramcharitamanas Prashnavali created by Tulsidas is a great gift to all mankind, as it is a device created to give immediate answers or predictions to seekers who are looking for some answers or solutions to their problems or confusions.


Think of the question, close your eyes and put your finger on one of pashnavali squares in the grid.

If you want to know whether a certain work will be successful, just close your eyes and put your finger on one ramajan the lettered squares at random.

June will be worst for three zodiac signs but its not the end of the world. Approach to find the prashnavail of each of them is also different. Ramcharitmanas by Goswami Tulsidas harbors philosophies that can change the entire course of your life.

The question should be specific and not vague. Remember God before you ask your question. Our approach to find the answers of each of them is also different. One should accept the answer the Prashnavali has given, and treat it like divine guidance.

Ramacharitamanas Prashnavali, Ramayan Prashnavali, Ram Shalaka Prashnavali

How to use Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali? The poem Ramcharitamanas is considered by many scholars as no less than an upveda or semi veda in importance, as it made the story of the lord, Shri Rama available to the common man in Awadhi, the common tongue of the age, for them to sing, meditate and perform on, especially in the form of Ramlila. Do try this app if you have question and there is not straight answer coming by logic. Author Post time Subject Direction: Ram-shalaka was created by Tulsidas. What’s so spiritual about ramayana?

The more specific you are in your questions, the better the prasnavali you get. Ramayan Ramanand Sagar All Episode. Should ramayana be believed only based on Ramasetu? Ultimate Video Apps Studio. Ask questions that are pertinent to you and your life. This will tell your future like a prophet or oracle and you get most of your questions answered.

Related Questions Is it true that when lord Rama came to Ayodhya the people welcomed by bursting crackers. If you are going to start any business or going to do any work such as marriage, job, career decision, study or any questions which are not sure, just open this app, click any of the letter, there will be a Chaupai based on the letter and the Chaupai will tell whether you are going to succeed or fail or if there is any carefulness required, a hundred years old trick like Tarot prashnava,i other methods.


Home Slideshows Ramcharitamanas Chaupai Prashnavali. By using our prashnavali services, you will not only be able to get rid of negativity from your life but also attract positive space reflected from our precise and accurate predictions. The Ramcharitamanas Prashnavali is indeed a boon for the modern times that are fraught with tensions and uncertainty at every front, be it home, career, finances or relationships. Shiv Shakti Prashnzvali See more. Dreams about water and its significance.

You can also use then ram shalaka prashnavali on this site. Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali Questions and Answers Say the question is “Will the earth come toan end on Dec 12th according pradhnavali the Mayan calendar”?

Click here for more details. Daily sharing Ashtavakra Gita in English Pt Offer Free Readings on your site today. Close your eyes and pray to God parshnavali give a favourable result. Does really Ramayana Exist? Full Form app is a offline library that contains full forms of abbreviations.


One important element to use this tool is the trust you have in it. Just copy and paste ramaayan codes onto your site and you are all set to go! The answer grid is considered very holy and an effective guide.

This is part of the No.