November 30, 2018


22 Sep SADHANA PANCHAKAM | 40 INSTRUCTIONS | 5 VERSES | 2 TRANSLATIONS In Advaita there cannot be sadhana in the form of worship. 25 Feb The sādhana pañcakam of Sri Shankaracharya is a classic text on spiritual practice. Swami Brahmarupananda has given a lecture series on. More than twenty years have passed since the author came across Sadhana Panchakam, containing the instructions which Sri. Shankara had prescribed for.

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Take shelter at a Perfect Master Sat-Guru. Translation by Swami Tyagananda.

Avoid perverse arguments but follow the discriminative rationale of the Sruti Upanishads. Like us on Facebook. Now also in the BBC. Hold on to the awareness of the Atman and leave at once your own limited identity.

Sadhana Panchakam of Sri Shankaracharya | Vedanta Center of Greater Washington, DC

Cultivate the qualities such as self-restraint and give up all work prompted by selfish desire. Keep away from vain arguments and follow the reasoning of the scripture.

See carefully the infinite Self and notice how it eliminates this fleeting existence called the world. Wash away the hoards of sins in the bosom. Swami Brahmarupananda has given a lecture series on this text.

  FDS 6910 PDF

Listen in depth, the Upanishadic declarations. Renounce all desires in the mind. Live pwnchakam upon whatever comes to your lot as ordained by Him. Worship the Divine in that manner and give up the thought of desires.

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Everyday serve His Lotus feet. Seek the Self with consistent endeavour. Perform diligently the duties karmas ordained by them. Cultivate the virtues such as Shanti etc. Conquer the effects of the deeds done in earlier lives by the present right action. Endure all the pairs of opposites: Daily take the medicine of Bhiksha-food.

The goal of our sadhana or practices is the highest Joy that comes from the Realization in direct experience of the center of consciousness, the Self, the Atman or Purusha, which is one and the same with the Absolute Reality. Realise and see the All-pervading Self every where. Meditation, contemplation, mantra and prayer finally converge into a unified force directed towards the final stage, piercing the pearl of wisdom called bindu, leading to the Absolute.

Do not expect kindness from pwnchakam and abandon all harshness toward others. Approach those who are wise and holy, and serve them. In this way, remain established in the awareness of the Supreme Self.


Reflect over asdhana meaning of the scripture and take refuge in its perspective. Through the power of consciousness, dissolve your past karma, remain unaffected by your later karma, and experience your present karma.

Quieten your mind in the Supreme Lord.

Live happily in solitude and focus the mind on the God. This Self-Realization comes through Yoga meditation of the Yoga Sutras, the contemplative insight of Advaita Vedanta, and the intense devotion of Samaya Sri Vidya Tantra, the three of which complement one another like fingers on a hand.

Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Wash away the negative habit-energy and examine the defects of worldly excitement.