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The idea of the book “The True Furqan”, itself, is ridiculous and do not inspired it -a True Furqan- in the Arabic tongue clearly miraculous. Almighty! freedom and eternal life. We trust the living God that these longings can be clarified in this new document, The True. Furqan. The Creator of human-. 10 Jul I was recently made aware of a supposed translation of the Qur’an called The True Furqan by Al Safee and Al Mahdy printed by Omega

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No human in the 7th century could have possibly achieved either of those, so it’s not a matter of a lack of potential criteria.

If I dare you to love your wife more than any husband ever loved his wife, that’s not a challenge – how could anyone tell? Ethar Mahmoud marked it as to-read Mar 04, When Allah says ” There are actually quite some verses and hadith that touch on this subject. But if fyrqan are to reproduce everything that makes the Quran special we will have to also produce a book with an equal level of uniqueness of the Quran, meaning that it will have to have a style, theme, tone, and rhythm that is completely unlike furqah of the Quran or any other book, as the Quran is with all other books.

Ray Register characterized the book as an effective tool for “pre-evangelism” to help “critique the Quran and popular Muslim attitudes toward Jesus and ethical living. I love the book.

The True Furqan – Wikipedia

But if you can read Arabic, what do you think? Christian missions Islam-related literature books Censored books. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: I’m just trying to get a better understanding. Secondly, if you are asking what the Quran meant by saying ” Given the ture that this example has been used so frequently, there should really be no reason to further reiterate it. It has been so long since I read it that I had forgotten about it when I started putting books I had read into goodreads.

The author who is trying to compare his work with the divine words was arrested for attempting to burn down his own complex and the next claim he made after that was that “Muslims are after me” so what would be the criterion then for his work. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Thanks for telling fursan about the problem.

Most books are rated related to their usefulness and contributions to my research. Therefore there is absolutely no need for the Deity of the Quran to specify the criteria, because being Omniscient, He has complete knowledge that we have the capability of deducing the criteria for ourselves if we resort to analyze everything about the Quran.

Now some Arabs have actually agreed that it meets the challenge, while others disagreed. Lisa Croci rated it liked it Apr 11, Poetry has been very well defined by scholars studying it. It’s structure – it has been proven that the structure of the Quran’s content is designed according to a conventional system called “Ring Compostion”. If someone proposes a challenge, then the conditions for meeting the challenge have to be specific and unambiguous enough such that anyone who is affected by the challenge – in the case of the Quranic taunt: And indeed it is, in the Mother of the Book with Us, exalted and full of wisdom.

The true furqan is Fake

And since it is impossible for any person, no matter how intelligent, to produce an unlimited supply of miracles which cannot by any means cease to teach new things all the time, how can it be possible to achieve this task?

Return to Book Page. It is produced by an Evangelical Christian group that seeks tye convert Muslims to Christianitybut contrary to some allegations the group has no connection with the U.

Firstly, for any person to have studied the Quran from cover to cover, and then when challenged to reproduce it, they demand a specified criteria, then all this shows is that even through all that studying and understanding, the person undertaking gurqan challenge still somehow does not know where to begin.

If the Quran’s language is far better than “the true furqan” language, he should know.

I would like you to watch this video which shows the arabic skills of the author. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We all know love, but it would be impossible to say unambiguously whether A loves B more than C loves D as long as the love of A for B and that of C for D are strong enough.


Let the revelations compete. The most plausible challenge to the Arabic Quran Koran in history! It challenges the Qur’an but most of it seems to be plagiarized from furqann Qur’an. Genba marked it as to-read Aug 20, How do you quantify how spellbinding a heterogenous text like the Quran is? Webarchive template wayback links Wikipedia pending changes protected pages Pages to import images to Wikidata.

Mihir Saran rated it it was amazing Feb 11, I’m sure they’d welcome this with open arms The thd of India has banned the book from entering the country. The True Furqan liked it 3. It’s historical accuracy – any biblical scholar can tell you that the stories contained in the Quran match the stories contained in the bible to a ‘T’.

The True Furqan by Al Saffee (1999, Hardcover)

Sounds to me that you are the one insecure here; why you have a muslims name “Ali”baba? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Read for personal research – found this book’s contents helpful and inspiring – number rating relates to the book’s contribution to my needs.

Some Islamic believers feel The True Furqan was created by the American or Israeli governments as part of a conspiracy. A powerful and practical tool to share the message of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Muslim world.

Sharon Barrow Wilfong rated it it was amazing Nov 04, A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity. Fannytian added it Dec 29, The book is written based on the authors own interpretation of this verse which obviously isn’t correct. Jawahir Jaan added it Jun 24,