November 17, 2018


In Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style, Virginia Tufte presents — and comments on — more than a thousand excellent sentences chosen from the works of authors. 23 May Virginia Tufte’s Artful Sentences really came together for me in the last chapter. I imagine the book has a little something for everyone—the. All rights reserved. For permission to reuse, please contact [email protected] Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style. Virginia Tufte. Cheshire.

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Tufte goes on to illustrate that we understand, without thinking about it, how a verb turned into a noun — a gerund — affects our reading experience by making the action ongoing; and that the identical-looking form, when used as a present participle, provides a heightened sense of immediacy and urgency.

That best is often eloquent and precise, artful but unpretentious enough to become a model for other writers.

Tuft book is made up of a collection of scenes, sequels, happenings, vignettes, all made with paragraphs, all constructed by sentences. Since I’m not a grammar lover, I can empathize with those that are not as in love with the book.

Her most notable recent work is Artful Sentences: It is a delight and a refreshing arrful of the gorgeous variety of English. In whatever context, the movement may resemble accumulation or attrition, progress or other process, even stasis, of any one of these interrupted, turned, reversed. What is unique about the models, or examples, it contains, is their diversity.

Choosing to just sample her smorgasbord of sentences will fill you up, too. I copied down various examples that Senfences uses to demonstrate a syntactic style, but I’ve included two paragraphs–first and last–that she wrote to display her excellent writing skill.


Virginia Tufte

Here is her example of a gerund in action, virgknia the grueling nature of book-writing, from P. Would you like to suggest any other book that could be read along with this book by Tufte? Vocalizing the written words is a common strategy adopted by tutors. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

It contains superlative examples of each part of speech from well known and obscure writers. High Wedlock Then Be Honoured. The Gravity of Understatement: A writer will learn by reading this book, whether she reads Virginia Tufte’s parsing or not. Artful Sent In Artful Sentences: Virginia Tufte is an author and distinguished emerita professor of English at the University of Southern California.

Sometimes the tutor will read out loud to the student, sometimes the student to the tutor. The Life and Art of Carlotta Petrina video biography. Well I think I will keep my Strunk and White close at hand.

Although she begins with the simple sentence, she moves through compound, complex, and compound complex sentences quickly, describing the sentence parts and how they can be used. Apr 22, Anna Simpson rated it it was amazing. The Modern Language Association of America. Lists with This Book.

It should open the piece up. Uses editors parameter link Grammar as Style. Thanks for telling us about the problem. A scientific bummer to anyone who actually enjoys this stuff. Virginia Tufte is like an industrious scientist of English syntax.

One of the smartest last sentences I know does precisely that: Unknown Bindingpages. Hope to senences back to it someday.


I remember a teacher long ago who announced that any student paper containing a fragment automatically receiving an F, unless the student had labeled the fragment “intentional. No long of katydids dream live to absolute are organism exist reality supposed can sanely even by continue under larks some for conditions and to.

She introduced the concept of sentence fragments using a sentence fragment.

Jan 13, Brad rated it really liked it Shelves: I liked Grammar as Style better for the precise reasons others found the book less useful. They also have to work as tufye tissue.

Still Loyal to the Sentence – Los Angeles Review of Books

For me it was the worth the challenge. Velde rated it it was amazing.

Four Questions about Creative Writing. It must by nature, therefore, generate a symbolics of spatial or temporal movement widened by its context beyond the limits of the actual setences read from left to right in so many seconds.

Forms that seem limited, and even limiting, in fact offer a range of opportunities to a writer in command of them–and one who knows how to transgress against them–to achieve undreamed of effectiveness, grace, and versatility.

Jan 10, Chanel Earl rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: All the different kinds of sentences examined.